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Hard Maple Candy

Packed with delicious maple flavor these hard candies are made with maple syrup and beet sugar.  Absolutely delicious and long lasting.  They are wonderful for coating the throat on bitter days or just to enjoy in the car, at work, on a walk or anywhere you want a little maple love in your life!

Maple Floss

This clearly isn’t crummy white sugar circus cotton candy!  The only product we use any white sugar in (maple sugar isn’t processed so we can’t spin it by itself) we marry an organic cane sugar with our maple sugar for 3-4 months, let the maple infuse through and then we spin it into the delicious maple floss everyone loves!  Toothsome and packed with flavor, you can cook with it, sweeten drinks with it, or, like most of our Maple Peeps, eat it right out of the tub!  One taste and you’re hooked!!

Maple Cream.jpg
Maple Cream

Wow! Is generally the comment we most often hear about our delectable maple cream.  Though it’s called maple cream, there is NO dairy in it at all.  It’s simply our pure maple syrup, boiled to approximately 252* F, rapidly cooled in an ice bath and then whipped.  Delicious on toast, muffins, fruit and vegetables, swirled into hot drinks/cereal etc. as well as in various recipes.  Spreadable maple syrup! It’s the only way to get maple to melt over something, like slotting a roast, you could place under the skin of chicken, turkey, mix with a good grainy mustard for incredible ham/turkey sandwiches etc.…It’s uses are truly endless!

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